VIT Experienced Diver / CMAS** course

After completing VIT Open Water / CMAS*-Diver, with at least 25 dives, 10 of these deeper than 15m, you can join us to become VIT Experienced CMAS**-Diver.
You will become familiar in theory and practice with the principles of independent diving in open water with similar trained diving partners. This means that you will be able to perform practice dives and develop and apply advanced underwater problem solving strategies even under difficult conditions.
In practical exercises you will also improve your snorkeling skills.
With five open water dives you will intensively practice and repeat all skills learned in the CMAS* Diver course under more difficult diving conditions.In the theoretical units you will repeat everything important about the underwater world from the CMAS*-Diver course, how your body reacts to pressure conditions under water, how does your equipment work, which animals and plants will you encounter during excursions into the underwater world. At the end of the theoretical training, you complete a questionnaire to prove your theoretical knowledge.
After completing the course you can safely plan and conduct dives with equally experienced divers - at least CMAS**.
duration: 3 days
  • theoretical training
  • snorcel training
  • transport to the dive site
  • 5 open water dives according. training programme
  • additional equipment required
  • the equipment is not included
  • prerequisite: CMAS* or äquivalent , be 16 years of age or older, specialty navigation, guiding, cpr course not older than 1 year and 20 logged dives, a medical statement is required
  • certification costs in addition 28.00 € (VIT) or 60.00 € (CMAS), payable locally
our prices:our price on the spot: 239 €
our pre booked price: 229 €