VIT / CMAS spezialty divesafety and rescue
What if something happens?

Learning to deal responsibly with yourself and your environment is the most important goal of this course.
Based on the skills acquired so far, it is now a question of getting problems under control.
How do I anticipate such moments?
How do I have to react in emergency situations?
These are the central questions of the course, which are treated in theory and practice.
  • You will be familiarized in theory and practice with accident prevention and the measures to be taken in the event of a diving accident.
  • After completing the course you will be aware of the special importance of accident prevention.
  • You will be able to dive in such a way that situations that could lead to problems or even accidents with yourself or with fellow divers are avoided as early as possible.
  • You will master accident situations
  • You will be able to perform rescue, recovery and transport techniques in the water and on land
  • You will be able to use first aid and resuscitation techniques
  • You will know how to use rescue and signaling devices efficiently
  • You will know and be able to initiate the chain of rescue
duration:  2 days
  • theoretical training
  • all necessary modules of the water and dives
  • the equipment is not included
  • certification costs in addition 28.00 €, payable locally
our prices:our price on the spot: 225 €
our pre booked price: 209 €