CMAS / VIT Navigation and guiding
Who does not dream of diving with some friends or even spending a holiday together? To organize several people and their ideas is not easy on land. How will that be under water, where will my dive lead me, will I find my way back? How to clarify with the whole group, which direction we take? How do I react to unforeseen circumstances underwater? Do I notice any problems within the group? All this is addressed in this exciting specialty course and trained.
Course objective: you should be familiar in theory and practice with the basic elements of the group leadership and their interaction. After completing the course you should
  • know the basic elements of group leadership,
  • have experience in the interaction of the dive group
  • to assess group members
  • to respond to the group members
  • ensure communication within the dive group
  • how your dive group can be secured above and below the surface
  • know and use natural aids for orientation
  • know and use technical aids for orientation
  • how your dives can be mastered safely with this aid
duration: 2 days
  • theoretical training
  • 4 dives navigatation and guiding
  • transport to the divesites
  • the equipment is not included
  • prerequisite: CMAS* or equivalent
  • be 14 years of age or older
  • a medical statement is required
  • certification fee 28,00 €, payable locally
our price:
our price on the spot: 195 €
our prebooked price: 179 €