Diving with Mad Shark


Blue Hole (Gozo)

The "Blue Hole" is located on the far side of Gozo just of the famous "Azure Window" and the "Inland Sea". After a little walk you dive in to crystal clear water and find yourself in the middle of an amazing under water landscape. Right behind you opens the rounded wall up to an entrance of a cave while just opposite the wall opens in the form of an arch to a passage in to the open. Sitting just inside the cave and looking up towards the surface gives you a spectacular few and if you ar lucky having the sun at the right spot and the right angle also a amazing play of light. Passing through the arch the bottom slopes down to over 40 meters of depth. Turning to the right and staying in only about 20 meters, it brings you past some big boulders out on the seaward border of the "Azure Window" which drops straight down to about 60 meters. Going all the way around and coming back up to about 12 meters brings you under the "Window" and back in to the "Blue hole". Next to spectacular walls, incredible clear water and the usual Mediterranean Sea life you find also Groupers and Dentex around in the area being a little bigger than the once usually seen.