Diving with Mad Shark


Cirkewwa (Malta)

Cirkewwa is the most popular dive site in Malta. Easy accessible from shore, the seabed starts of very shallow and sloping slowly down to 5 - 10 meters. This shallow plateau offers lot´s of fish, octopus, sea hair and a variety of vegetation on a mainly rock bottom. Bream, salema, wrasse, combers, moray eels, are commonly seen. Going a little further, just over the drop of and following the wall, there you can visit a Madonna statue in a cave just about 18 meters deep and additional you find groupers and parrot fish. Following the reef a long, over some deeper plateaus there are fan shells hidden in posedonia grass and looking up, at the right time of the year you´ll find barracudas above you schooling along the edge. Still staying in a depth between 12 and 20 meters a number of swim through´s and a huge arch are found on the way
If you follow the reef all the way down to the sandy bottom, in 32 meters you are not only finding the wrecks (36 meters) of a tug and a minesweeper. With a little luck there is a seahorse hidden on an old anchor, Tuna are hunting up and down the reef and close to the bottom you might come across a triggerfish or a little ray. In summary is Cirkewwa an easy accessible dive site, offering dives for divers with any certification and experience level.