Diving with Mad Shark


The Coral Caves (Gozo)

Using the same entry and exit points as diving the blue hole you also find the coral caves. Instead of entering the water through the blue hole, you just go past a big rock and walk into a shallow area until you reach a small channel leading out in to the open. Already in the channel you find scorpion fish and all kind of wrasse and the all-present combers. Soon as you reach the wall you drop down to 20 meters. There you find the upper end of the huge coral cave. Diving along slowly observing the walls of the cave you´ll find different kind of corals and colorful spunches. Even being easily able to stay in the light zone is a dive light essential on this dive to see all the vanished colors.
Leaving coral cave and staying in an average depth of 18 to 20 meters following the wall to the left you find all kind of fish. Large schools of bream, sardines, damsel fish and with a little luck also barracudas are found on the way around the tip of the reef. Rounding the tip and following the reef back, the landscape changes a little. The wall vanishes in a steady slope. Coming past a huge crack which could lead you back to coral cave and your entry point if you are really good on air, very soon you´ll see the arch leading in to the "Blue Hole".