Diving with Mad Shark


Ghar Lapsi (Malta)

Ghar Lapsi is a shallow but very beautiful dive if you are after sea life and caverns. On the end of a bumpy road just when you think it´s the end of everything there are hidden next to a couple of restaurants a few boat houses rounding a little rocky bay. Dropping down to only 2 meters with some variation between 2 and 5 meters suddenly the rocky seabed slopes down and opens into a sandy plateau broken up with patches of vegetation and gravel. You are welcomed from the all present breams and salema. Start exploring the little gravel fields and you will find octopuses sitting in their nests and going out in the sand their may just to eyes of a flounder staring at you out of the sand. Depending on air consumption or agreed dive time you brake off your exploration and start coming back towards the shore to have a look in the small valleys to find the entrance in to a quite large cavern with several entrances and lots oh holes and cracks in the sides and sealing which guarantees you a permanent light zone and a incredible play of light on your way back to the small bay you started from.