Diving with Mad Shark


L´Ahrax Point (Malta)

That´s a frequently served boat dive at the northern tip of Malta. As we are used to, we dive in clear blue waters and drop straight down to about 10 meters. The bottom is sloping slightly down and changes in to a wall. Maximum depth going all the way down to the sandy seabed is about 28 meters. Depending on air consumption and agreed dive time at some point the dive comes up to about 8 meters going across the reef to follow a galley along the shore line back to the starting point. Following the reef to the right the area narrows into a small galley ending in a tunnel leading in a shallow inland sea. The average only 5 meter deep lake is offering lots of vegetation with all it´s hidden habitants. You´ll find there scorpion fish, wrasse, combers and even small groupers. You haven´t found enough to explore yet, just when you are thinking of finishing the dive you find a small cave on the far end of the lake.