Diving with Mad Shark


Lantern Point or Lighthouse Point (Comino)

This boat dive is a great spot for everybody who doesn´t mind a little current. The boat usually anchors just of a chimney on a little plateau sloping quickly down from 5 - 6 meters to 18 meters. The dive starts in the chimney, following it down from 5 to about 12 meters where it changes in to a tunnel. In 16 meters the tunnel ends again on a small plateau with huge boulders, which seem to be thrown around by a giant leaving enough space to dive under. Following the reef to left it changes again to a wall, dropping down to over 40 meters of depth. Some swim through´s and little caverns are found in nearly any depth. Next to bream, combers and moray eels, very often are barracudas seen on the edge of the wall.