Diving with Mad Shark


Santa Marija Caves (Comino)

It´s not a dive for depth junkies but everybody loving nature and spacious caves connected with the play of light evolving through various cracks and holes in the sealing will enjoy a fabulas spot. The boat is anchoring in a small bay surrounded by steep rocky walls showing already some of the caves from above. You drop down in crystal clear water and immediately hundreds of bream are around you bagging for some bread. The seabed there consists of sand rock and some areas covered in all sorts of vegetation. From around 10 meters you come back up to about 5 meters where you find the big entrance in a spacious cave system. Right in the center you also have the possibility to surface and have a little chat with your buddy. Carrying on you dive out at a depth of about 8 meters in a small valley leading down to a maximum of 20 meters depth with sandy bottom. The more interesting part is staying along the reef and boulders in a depth of about 14 meters where you also find groupers and if you look carefully also some lobster sitting in a hole. Even the masters in camuflash, cuttlefish can be found here. The more experienced diver also finds some small passages, which will challenge its buoyancy control and ability to move in confined space.