Diving with Mad Shark


Bristol Beaufighter (boat dive of St. Julians)

This famous WW II aircraft was the first fighter used successful during night combat. Equipped with the first usable intercept radar the Bristol Beaufighter proofed the first success against German night raids during winter 1940/1941. The 272 squadron deployed nine Bristol Beaufighter on March 17. 1943 out of Ta Quali airfield to take part on a shipping raid south of Malta. Just shortly after take off the fighter “N” started vibrating violently and lost rapidly on speed. The crew ditched the plane in the sea just outside St. Julians Bay. The pilot and the observer where rescued by Maltese fisherman before official rescue units arrived. The forward section including the wings and engines survived the crash landing quite intact. The aft section instead is completely missing.

Moray eels, hermit crabs, and bream are permanent inhabitants of this wreck.

Max. depth 38 meters