Diving with Mad Shark


Miner „Cominoland“ (ix-Xatt l-Ahmar, Gozo)

The „Cominoland“ was in 1942 as miner „M 6“ delivered to the Royal Navy and straight away renamed in „Miner VI“. In 1966 the ship was converted to a ferry and delivered to Malta. Already in 1968 she was doing her duty between Valletta and Comino under the new name “Minor Eagle”. Still used on the same route, Gozo Channel Co. Ltd took over the ship and renamed it in “Cominoland”. 1980 the ex miner was converted to a day cruising passenger ship and again renamed in “Jylland II”. The ship changed the owner ship again 1984, when Captain Morgan Cruises took over the Vessel and again renamed her back in “Cominoland”. From than on the “Cominoland “ was carrying passengers on day cruises to Comino and harbor cruises through Valletta harbors until she got decommissioned and final sunk of ix-Xatt l-Ahmar, Gozo in 2006.

Compared to the other Maltese wreck, the “Cominoland” was striped of all its paint prior to sinking. It makes an interesting comparison, diving the “Karwela” and the “Cominoland” on one day to explore the different disintegration of these ships.

Max depth 42 meters
Depth over main deck 38 meters