Diving with Mad Shark


Tug “Hellespont” (boat dive of Valletta)

The “Hellespont” is most properly one of the most impressive wrecks around Malta. The 46-meter, steam driven tug was built in 1910 and was doing her duties up in Ireland until 1922. After she made her way to Malta and on September 7. she got damaged during an Italian bomber attack. The tug got never repaired and decommissioned. During the night to April 7.1942 the vessel got sunk in Grand Harbor by Italian and German aircraft. After the war the “Hellespont” was lifted to clear the space and dumped just outside Grand Harbor in a depth of 41 meters. Very impressive is the completely destroyed bow section. About 15 meters of the fore ship are completely missing.

Next to the permanent wreck inhabitants are the freely moving moray eels always worth a visit.

Max. depth 42 meters