Diving with Mad Shark


Submarine HMS “Stubborn”

The 66 meter long s-class sub was commissioned on November 11, 1942 in England. From her first day of duty, the “Stubborn” was operating against German U-Boats and the German supply lines in the north Atlantic and the Baltic Sea. After continued depth charging at February 13, 1944, the sub sunk outside Trondheim (Norway) to a depth of more than 500 ft. The yard was rating the s-class sub to a depth of 290 ft. The never giving up crew survived and brought the severely damaged ship back to the surface. With jammed hydroplanes, a free moving rudder and the ballast pumps out of action the “Stubborn” stayed a drift with a bow up angle of about 60 degrees for 5 days until two destroyers arrived to tow her to safety.
In 1945 the “Stubborn” en route to Suez and the Far East called in to Malta for the fist time. She was ordered to help the allied navy against the struggle with Japan. After sinking of various Japanese ships and various counterstrikes it proofed, that the damage from Norway was more than expected. The sub now sailed back to Malta, where she was decommissioned and sunk as ASDIC target just outside St. Pauls Bay.

Due to the depth is this dive only for very experienced divers. You got to accept short bottom times and necessary deco stops on ascend. There for you have the pleasure to dive an intact submarine.

Max. depth 56 meters
Depth at cunning tower 48 meters